"You escaped prison, but you cannot escape me. You flaunt your ties to the aristos and revel in your fancy gowns and refined airs, but I will never forget how you spurned me all those years ago!"
―Jean Lessard in a letter to Marie Tussaud.[src]

Jean Lessard (died 1794) was a sans-culottes leader during the French Revolution.

At some point, Lessard was rejected by Marie Tussaud. He came to resent her for her connections with the aristocracy and was furious when he learned that she had escaped prison and execution, after which he resorted to killing Tussaud. Knowing she would turn up either at her shop or an exhibition of her wax sculptures, Lessard sent some of his men to take over the shop while he took the rest with him to the exhibition.

Tussaud had avoided going to either place however, and had the Assassin Arno Dorian ensure the safety of her employees at the shop. After learning that Lessard was at the exhibition, Arno found him there and assassinated him.