A Dinner Engagement 7

Tallien meeting Louis-Michel le Peletier

Jean-Lambert Tallien (23 January 1767 – 16 November 1820) was a politician of the French Revolution.

On the night before the execution of King Louis XVI, Tallien met fellow deputy of the National Convention, Louis-Michel le Peletier at the Palais-Royal. Later that evening, le Peletier was killed by the Assassin Arno Dorian.

During the Reign of Terror, Tallien became an opponent of revolutionary leader Maximilien de Robespierre. For this, Robespierre intended to have him executed, and listed him with several of his other enemies. In an attempt to discredit Robespierre, Arno found these lists, and discreetly made them public. This caused the Convention to oppose Robespierre, who was executed on 28 July 1794.


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