Jean-Baptiste Dossonville (1 January 1753 – 1833) was a gendarme and agent provocateur during the French Revolution.

During the revolution, Dossonville targeted the Bande noire, a black market gang which acquired property through fake auctions. During one of these auctions, the poet and Bande noire member Fabre d'Églantine was meant to purchase an old church from a corrupt auctioneer.

Dossonville decided to disrupt the auction, bringing the Assassin Arno Dorian with him. As d´Églantine bid two hundred livres, Dossonville outbid him by increasingly larger amounts. When Dossonville accused the auctioneer of corruption, the former was attacked by the guards. However, Dossonville and Arno were able to kill them, ending the auction and keeping d'Églantine from purchasing the church.


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