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Jan van der Graff

Jan van der Graff, was a Dutch agent sent by French Emperor Napoleon I to acquire textiles in Libya and active during the early 19th century.

In 1805, while they were both sailing toward Libya, Jan met Solomon Bolden, the Black Cross of the Templar Order who was at the time posing as a slaver. Despite finding him annoying, Bolden nevertheless accepted to protect Jan during his mission for Napoleon after the Dutchman helped him fend off pirates sent to kill him. To secure Bolden's help, Jan also promised to help the Templar enter into the palace, the Sultan being behind the attempt on his life.


  • Jan van der Graff is an ancestor of André Bolden.
  • Despite their similar names, Jan's relation to the Dutch merchant Milo van der Graaff - if any exists - is unknown.


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