"The men have been satisfactory in service, yet some are barely civilized. They will surely go back to their depraved lifestyles once our ships return to France. Killing and plundering is all they know..."
―Jacques Cassard, regarding the sailors under his command.[src]

Jacques Cassard (30 September 1679 – 21 January 1740) was a privateer and an Admiral in the French Navy during the early 18th century.

In 1711, Cassard embarked on an expedition to the West Indies, intending to plunder the territories of France's enemies in the War of the Spanish Succession. Setting sail from Toulon, his crew included the criminal Alonzo Batilla, going by the false name Jean.

During the expedition, Cassard raided many of the European powers' colonies, including the British colonies of Montserrat and Antigua. The expedition proved to be a success, the total plunder of the expedition amounting to ten million pounds. While Cassard was satisfied with the service of his men, he lamented the uncivilized behavior of some of them, predicting that they would return to their criminal lives once they returned to France.