Jacques was the illegitimate son of Madame Levene, the Maison Royale de Saint-Louis school's headmistress, and the husband of the handmaiden Hélène. He was the Maison Royale's groundskeeper and lived in a lodge in the school's perimeter.


Being the son of the headmistress, Jacques was kept a secret from the school. To see him, Madame Levene sneaked out every midnight to Jacques' lodge, which the students mistook for sneaking off with her lover. The Templar Élise de la Serre, determined to blackmail the headmistress, followed her and used this information for herself.

On 9 April 1788, an exhausted Élise, Hélène and her wounded mentor, Frederick Weatherall, arrived at the Maison Royale, seeking Madame Levene's help. The headmistress took them to Jacques' lodge, where they were taken care of. Jacques and Élise assisted a doctor in amputating Weatherall's leg.

As Élise continued her education, Jacques and his mother let the trio stay in his home. He eventually fell in love with Hélène and the two worked together at the Maison Royale. He offered his assistance during Élise's endeavors for justice, with the guidance of Weatherall and eventually married Hélène.

In September 1794, they received letters from his mother saying that Élise had been killed and from their mistress herself, telling them to expect the arrival of the Assassin Arno Dorian to recover her belongings. When Arno arrived, Jacques led him to the place and encountered Bernard Ruddock, who threatened to take Hélène to the Carrolls due to her bounty. Jacques was desperate to save his wife and attack Ruddock, who ordered him to ready his horse. Fortunately, Arno and Weatherall took action and killed Ruddock without any compromises.

Jacques and Hélène offered Arno to live with them and stay in Élise's bedchambers, which the Assassin accepted with gratitude.