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Italian Templars
BoF 5
Organizational information
Leader's title

Grand Master


Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome



Related organizations

Followers of Romulus
Cento Occhi
House of Borgia
Spanish Templars
House of Barbarigo
House of Pazzi

Historical information
Date formed


Date collapsed


Additional information
Notable members

Rodrigo Borgia
Cesare Borgia
Lucrezia Borgia
Marco Barbarigo
Jacopo de' Pazzi

The Italian Templars were a group of like-minded individuals who swore an allegiance to the Templar ideals, and operated throughout Italy during the Renaissance period of the 15th and 16th centuries.

During this period, Templar goals for establishing peace through a New World Order were corrupted by the two Grand Masters from the House of Borgia, Rodrigo and Cesare Borgia, changed instead into seeking power and domination at all costs. Modern Templars view the Borgias as debauched tyrants and consider their reign to be a Dark Age of the Order.

The Italian Templars consisted of three powerful Italian families, the House of Pazzi alongside Uberto Alberti. The House of Barbarigo alongside Carlo Grimaldi, and the leader of the Italian Templars the House of Borgia, with Rodrigo Borgia as the Grand Master and later his son Cesare Borgia after Rodrigo Borgia's death.

The Italian Templars were destroyed over a period of thirty one years by the Italian Assassin Mentor Ezio Auditore and the rest of the Italian Brotherhood.


Although many modern day Templars saw the House of Borgia as debauched tyrants, a statue of Rodrigo Borgia could be seen outside of the Templar company Abstergo Entertainment. The modern day Templars also regard Grand Master Rodrigo Borgia as one of the greatest minds in Templar history who also valued family but attained a bad reputation due to the work of his arch enemy Ezio Auditore.


Allies and puppets


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