A memoir page

Ishak Pasha's memoir pages contained the writings of vizier and Assassin Ishak Pasha. In the early 16th century, they were scattered atop various landmarks across Constantinople.

The Mentor of the Italian Assassins, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, was able to collect all ten pages of the memoir in 1511, discovering them to contain the location of Ishak Pasha's tomb within the Hagia Sophia. Upon navigating the Hagia Sophia's interior, Ezio retrieved Ishak Pasha's personal armor.


  • The achievement "Worth a Thousand Words" could be earned by collecting all of the memoir pages.
  • Unlike the Scrolls of Romulus, the pages of Ishak Pasha's memoirs could not be read in-game.
  • A map revealing the pages' locations could be bought in any book shop in Constantinople after collecting 25 Animus data fragments.