Ishak Pasha (fl. 1469 – 1497) was an Ottoman general, statesperson and Grand Vizier. He was also, secretly, the leader of the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins.


Ishak Pasha was largely responsible for the established peace between the Assassins and the Ottomans during the early 16th century, as well as being the individual responsible for finding and recruiting the future Master Assassin, Yusuf Tazim. In 1476, he participated in the Ottoman military crackdown on a Hungarian uprising, defeating the rebel leader; a Templar named Vlad Tepes.[1]

Around 1492, Pasha and Yusuf Tazim travelled to Spain on a secret mission for the Ottoman Brotherhood.[2]

Thirty-four years later, Sultan Bayezid II entrusted Pasha's mystical armor to the Janissary Murat Bin Husn, who hid it in the Hagia Sophia to ensure its safety.[3] However, some months later, the Mentor of the Italian Assassins, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, found the scattered memoirs of Ishak Pasha, and used them to locate the armor from underneath the structure.[1]


  • Pasha is a title that is awarded to represent a high-ranking Turkish officer or governor.



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