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Irene is an Abstergo Industries employee and member of the Templar Order in charge of finding the Observatory, alongside Saejima.


Irene convinced Yanao Seijin to test out the Animus in order to have him explore the genetic memories of Edward Kenway, his ancestor. To that end, she told him that the Animus was a game, designed by his mother, Christie, and that she personally asked for him to test it. Seijin was reluctant to participate due to his mother's involvement, but Irene was sure that he would participate for those same reasons.

After Seijin was injured in the test, she arranged for him to be sedated and brought to a room to be incarcerated. To coerce him into finding the Observatory through Kenway's genetic memories, she presented his mother in a catatonic state. She explained to him that Christie had induced the state upon herself to stop Abstergo from using her to find the Observatory. Irene then threatened to cut off life support for his mother if he did not cooperate.