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Into the Shadows was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Having discovered Tarik Barleti's involvement in a weapons deal with Manuel Palaiologos. Ezio Auditore traveled back to Prince Suleiman I to tell him of his discoveries. Ezio then set off to acquire a Janissary outfit.


Shadows v 1

Ahmet and Suleiman playing chess

Suleiman and Ahmet were playing a game of chess.

  • Ahmet: That's not a legal move.
  • Suleiman: It is a European variation. Arrocco. (Castling.)
  • Ahmet: It's interesting, but not exactly fair when you play by different rules than your opponent.
  • Suleiman: You may think differently when you are Sultan. Shall I take it back?
  • Ahmet: Suleiman, I know it has been hard on you, watching your father and me quarrel over Bayezid's throne.
  • Suleiman: Grandfather has chosen you, and his word is kanun (law). What is there to argue about?
  • Ahmet: Your father and I were close once, but his cruelty and ambition have made-
  • Suleiman: I have heard the rumors, uncle.
  • Ahmet: Well, I have a meeting with the viziers soon. Shall we continue another time?
  • Suleiman: Whenever you like.

Ezio walked up to Suleiman as Ahmet left.

  • Suleiman: Ezio.
  • Ezio: Tarik has been selling guns to a local miser. Manuel Palaiologos.
Shadows v 4

Ezio informing Suleiman about Manuel Palaiologos

  • Suleiman: Palaiologos... that is a sad sound. The last Byzantine Emperor was Constantine Palaiologos. If his heir is arming a militia of some kind, this conflict will escalate.
  • Ezio: Tarik knows where the rifles are headed. If I find him first, I can follow the weapons straight to the Byzantines.
  • Suleiman: He will be with his Janissaries in their barracks. So if you want to get close, you will have to be one yourself.
  • Ezio: Not a problem.
  • Suleiman: Guzel. (Good.) Get the information you need, then kill him.
  • Ezio: Are you sure? You told me Tarik and your father were close friends, Suleiman.
  • Suleiman: This is true. But such naked treason against my grandfather deserves death.
  • Ezio: Intesi. (Understood.)


Ezio acquired a Janissary outfit and was ready to infiltrate the Janissary camp.