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Interrogation was a virtual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Altaïr came across a herald calling to end hostilities with the Crusaders, and calling their presence at Majd Addin's funeral a gesture of friendship. The Assassin decided to interrogate the herald, in hopes of finding information about Robert's whereabouts.


Altaïr approached the stand from which herald was speaking, and listened.

  • Herald: For too long we have drawn lines across the land, spilled the blood of those we once called friends. We have all suffered because of this, but now - now we are offered a chance for redemption, a chance to begin anew. Let us make peace with the Crusaders, let us live as one. We must be strong, we must be brave, and we must find the courage to face those we once called our enemies and now instead, call them friends. The Crusaders come to Jerusalem, bringing with them an opportunity to end the fighting, to stop the war, that we might stand as one. We must not turn them away.

Once the herald was finished speaking, Altaïr followed him and beat him up until he yielded.

  • Altaïr You speak of peace, but your words are hollow.
  • Herald: No, I speak the truth! Why would you say other?
  • Altaïr You're a Templar.
  • Herald: So I am.
  • Altaïr Then you're also a liar and a fraud, just like your Master. Where is he? What does he intend?
  • Herald: It's peace he seeks, I swear it. And the proof is in his actions - a Christian at a Muslim's funeral. We want an end to all of this.
  • Altaïr Only because it serves your needs.
  • Herald: But this is a noble thing we want. The land will be united beneath our banner.
  • Altaïr United through force. You'd enslave us all.
  • Herald It is for the best.
  • Altaïr No, it's not. And so long as my Brothers and I breathe, you will not succeed.

Altaïr then stabbed the herald in the stomach with his Hidden Blade, killing him.


Altaïr learned that Robert was to attend Majd Addin's funeral, as a ruse to promote his false cause of peace.