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"We submit ourselves to eternal servitude in service of a grander fulfillment. We submit the world to itself it being a product that feeds life to life and death to death."
―John Standish, 2013.[src]

The Instruments of the First Will, also known as the Juno cult, is a pagan cult who worship the Isu entities as their almighty. Originating as a collective secret society, that draws members and resources from within the Templar Order and the Assassin Brotherhood, their primary mission is to revive their Isu deities, most notably, Juno, and allow them to rule the world. The Instruments of the First Will have become an enemy in common between the Assassins and the Templars. A Sage, a reincarnation of Juno's lover Aita, is always a High Ranking member of the Instruments of the First Will.


During the First World War

In 1916, The Master Spy, a Sage, was leading the Instruments of the First Will's followers in London. He had not only converted many of the Templar spies to his religion, but also many other citizens of London.

Winston Churchill had caught wind of his doings and reported to Lydia Frye. Churchill described the Master Spy's group as a fanatical, religious cult, as well as a serious threat to London, and tasked Lydia Frye to deal with the group immediately.

A war nurse, who is a member of the cult, and her associate are taking soldiers blood in "odd looking cubes" for an unknown purpose. Churchill recommends silencing her and her associate, which Lydia does. Another member, a spy, is detained by the British Military in the Tower of London. He stated making fanatic claims about the Assassin's Brotherhood, so Churchill suggested it would be in Lydia’s best interests to silence him. He eventually breaks out and tries to escape. Lydia sneaks into The Tower of London and tricks the guards into murdering him.

After ridding much of the spies strongholds and weapons, Lydia eventually tracks down the spies to their main hidden hideout. After she kills the German Templar spies, the Master Spy appears and begins to battle her while "calling out" to his beloved. After a short fight, he is forced to escape by using a flash grenade and flees to the cult's main stronghold. At the Stronghold, the Master Spy has all of his followers burn up all of their things relating to Juno or the Isu. After catching up to the Master Spy surrounded by his followers in a Stronghold, she kills them all. Winston Churchill thanks her for this service to Britain.  

Infiltrating and hacking Abstergo

In operation around 2013, one of the Instruments of the First Will's primary agents was head of Abstergo IT, John Standish, who was also a Sage. During his time at the Abstergo Entertainment office in Montreal, John distributed the collective's manifesto throughout the building via quick response codes on sticky labels.[1] John provided the Assassins with intel through a research analyst. He also got the analyst to hack into confidential folders regarding Abstergo data regarding the Precursors and Templars.

However, Abstergo got wind of the hackings and detained all of the research team. John Standish, not wanting to expose himself, reassures Melanie Lemay, the acting head of the Sample 17 Project, that he would find the hacker within a week's time. Meanwhile, he gets the research analyst to go to the main servers to wipe out evidence of the hackings. His true intentions were to provide Juno, now a digital being, with the research analyst's body so as to transfer her essence into.

Juno was weak from being in the servers and was not strong enough to shift her essence into the analyst's body, thus foiling John's plans and enraging him. He went insane, exposed himself as a Sage and injected a non-lethal amount of poison into the analyst. John was killed by the Abstergo security team and the analyst eventually recovered from the poisoning.

Locating the Shroud of Eden

In 2015, Templar Master Álvaro Gramatica desired a Shroud of Eden in his attempt to vastly accelerate the progress of his Phoenix ProjectSigma Team manages to fight off the Assassin interference and retrieve a Shroud of Eden. After Violet da Costa, secretly a member of the Instruments of the First Will, spoke to Álvaro about his true intentions for the Shroud, she spoke to Juno informing her that the Shroud of Eden 2 was in Abstergo's possession. Though Violet expressed fear of the danger that might befall Juno should anyone discover her plans, Juno reassured her that she had achieved her mission admirably and that she will save the world.

Pursuing the Assassins

In 2017, Jasdip Dhami had defected to the Instruments of the First Will due to him becoming disillusioned by the Assassins and the Templars' methods and ideology. He told Bishop that he opposed the idea of using initiates in their "eternal war" with the Templars. He ambushed an Assassin cell in Hong Kong, while the Assassins were trying to break into an Abstergo Industries to find information regarding the Phoenix Project, and murdered all of the Assassins present there, aside from Charlotte de la Cruz who had tried to escape Dhami but he pursued her and fought her on top of Moneo's vehicle.

During the fight, an Instrument managed to injure Moneo with a Shruriken and the van crashed. Charlotte interrogated Jasdip but both of them had to flee before the authorities arrived. Jasdip then ambushed the Assassins, Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut Cunningham, in Abstergo Entertainment Facility in Montreal. Jasdip manages to decapitate Felix Oladele, an Animus Specialist and the Assassins' primary objective. Jasdip fought the two Assassins and manages to heavily wound them both. Before Jasdip could deliver the killing blow to Arend, Kiyoshi shot Jasdip in the back. Jasdip then tried to flee through the window, but falls of the window cleaner's mobile.

Encountering the Black Cross

After Juhani Otso Berg begins to suspect that there is a splinter cell within the Templar Order, he takes up the mantle of the Black Cross in an attempt to discover them. His search lands him to Berlin, Germany, where he catches up to Heinrich Hart, a man whom he believes to be an Assassin spy. After a brief struggle with him, he deduces that he is not an Assassin. After momentarily recovering, Heinrich Hart proclaims that he is not a Templar either, but is "her" instrument before setting off an explosion, which killed 170 people.

Berg survives the explosion and flees back to his safe house. The Assassin My'shell Lemair and the Templar Otso Berg begin a full scale investigation of the financial and investment irregularities within their own Orders. The Instruments then ambushed the Templar Otso Berg and Assassin Lemair, which Otso Berg knocking the Assassin out before engaging the Instruments, killing five of them with his bare hands before collapsing.

Jasdip Dhami, who had survived and recovered the fall, grabbed Otso Berg and stated to him that he no longer wishes to avenge his sister, but to serve his New God. Before the Instruments fled the scene, Jasdip warned the Templar Otso Berg to stop his investigation in the Instrument's affairs or else he will slaughter his daughter, before lifting Otso Berg up and tossing him over a guard rail. An Erudito member, who is secretly a member of the Instruments, attempts to assassinate Charlotte de la Cruz when her mind was briefly trapped inside The Grey, but he is discovered by Galina Veronica before he can assassinate Charlotte, and is brutally restrained and interrogated by her, to no success.

Back at the Instrument's HQ

Back an the Instruments of the First Will's HQ, Violet da Costa argued and scolded Jasdip Dhami over his brutal treatment of the Templar Otso Berg, since he is her friend and she also believed that she could recruit Otso Berg to the Instrument's cause. Jasdip Dhami stated that it is not her right who gets to join the Instruments of the First Will and that privilege only belonged to their god, Juno. He even stated that only Juno gets to decide who gets to see Eden reborn once more.

At that moment, Juno appeared to her lieutenants on an overhead large monitor and stated that she needed the Koh-i-Noor from Charlotte de la Cruz. Jasdip Dhami then guided Desmond Miles' son Elijah, a Sage, to a crowd of awaiting Instruments, where Jasdip informed the ecstatic Instruments of their God's success. The Instrument's recent operations have forced the Templars, namely Otso Berg, to unofficially ally themselves with the Assassins, namely Charlotte's crew, in taking down the Instruments.

Later, after the Instruments discovered the location of Gramática's secret lab, where the Templar was sequencing the DNA of the Isu, a strike team of Juno's followers as well as Elijah and their prisoner, André Bolden, travelled there. Upon their arrival, the team, led by da Costa and Dhami, discovered that Gramatica succeeded as he was bragging about his genius, before revealing themselves to the dumbfounded scientist. Da Costa then stated that they were there for the Phoenix Project, so as to create a new clone body for their mistress.[2]


Main Goals

Being an Isu pagan cult, the members of the Instruments of the First Will believe that humanity should submit to and worship the First Civilization once more. Their primary purpose is the release of Juno from her imprisonment.[3] At most times, a high-ranking member of the cult is often a Sage. Examples of these are John Standish or The Master Spy.

Religious Belief System

Unlike the Knights Templar or the Assassins Brotherhood, who both view the Isu as an extremely advanced precursor species to humanity, the Instruments view the Isu as deities to be worshiped. Their beliefs are most similar to fanatical and tyrannical views of the Templars. The Instruments of First Will wish to take over the world so as to turn humanity into slaves for the First Civilization. They believe that the First Civilization, particularly Juno, will establish a New World Order by which all of humanity will live progressively and happily under her absolute rule.

Their primary goal is to revive Juno into a physical vessel so as to allow her to take over the world. It is still unknown if they are also attempting to resurrect other members of the Isu race as well. [4] The members of this cult are often very fanatical. Examples of this are Heinrich Hart's suicide bombing, which killed 170 people, in the name of Juno.

Infiltrating the Assassins and Templars

Members of this cult has infiltrated both the Assassins Brotherhood and the Knights Templar and are extracting resources from both of them to further progress with their goals. Examples of this are Violet da Costa, who is also a high ranking Templar Knight and a secret member of The Instruments of the First Will. There is also one known Assassin, Jasdip Dhami, who defected to the Instruments of the First Will and is hunting his former Assassin allies and possibly Templar allies.

So far at least two known Instruments have infiltrated Abstergo Industries. One of them is a Sage John Standish who had infiltrated Abstergo Entertainment in Montreal, Canada and the other is an engineer, Heinrich Hart, who had infiltrated an Abstergo Branch in Berlin, Germany developing experimental technologies, such as his electrical whip.

Post-Mortem Belief System

It is their firm belief that after their death, Juno will reward them by allowing their consciousness into The Grey, a post-mortem paradise inside a digital framework. It was created by Juno for her loyal followers, where they will live on happily.

The Pieces of Eden

Juno has commissioned her followers to find various Pieces of Eden so as to use them for her ultimate goal. The Instruments of the First Will have infiltrated Abstergo Industries, the Templar Order and various Assassin Cells, so as to get close to the Templars' and the Assassin's Pieces of Eden. Juno seems to regard the Shroud of Eden as a necessary tool for her rebirth into the physical world.


  • The emblem is the symbol of the asteroid 3 Juno, the symbol itself is meant to be a scepter topped with a star.
  • The emblem can also be seen in The Lost Archive memory The Truth.