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"The human body has its heart. The Earth has its core. All things have a center, whence comes their deepest strength. The Templar Order, too, has its Inner Sanctum. Nine there must be, three times three."
Alan Rikkin during Simon Hathaway's induction, 2016.[src]
Inner Sanctum and black cross

The Inner Sanctum interviewing the "Black Cross"

The Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order, also known as The Nine[1], is a group made up of the best and brightest members of the modern day Templar Order. The nine Master Templars comprising the Inner Sanctum held the highest positions within Abstergo Industries and its subsidiaries and theorically have full awareness of all Templar plans.

Any major decisions made by the Inner Sanctum was reviewed by the Guardians before passing them on to the General of the Cross and the Council of Elders for approval. The Inner Sanctum was also in charge of supervising the Grand Masters of all around the world, overseeing them and keeping their number under strict control.

The anonymous and feared inquisitors of the Inner Sanctum, the Black Crosses, enforced the Templar Code under the Nine's authority. The Sanctum giving them the authority to use any means necessary, even deadly force, to root out any corrupted members, from novice to Grand Master, from the various rites of the Order.

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