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Inigo Montanes was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance.


Born during the Renaissance, Inigo Montanes was the bastard son of a Spanish noble and his courteson lover who suffered a difficult upbringing. After the premature death of his mother, Inigo left Seville to become a wandering mercenary.[1]

A naturally talented fighter, Inigo was hired in his teens by a mercenary company called The Silent Wolves, led by Alvaro de Espinosa. The young man struck up a kinship with Andrea Cortés, another member of the band, bonding over their mutual desire to be rich. Inigo also grew to respect Alvaro's leadership and wisdom, treating him as the father he never had. Together they fought for the Spanish monarchs and amassed more wealth than Inigo could have ever imagined.[1]

Life seemed good in Inigo's eyes, but after years of perpetuating injustices in the name of the Reconquista, Alvaro could no longer bear the burden on his soul. In a heartfelt plea, Alvaro attempted to convince his group to fight for something more virtuous than wealth by joining the Assassins. Inigo felt betrayed and abandonned by this sudden change of heart, and left to pursue furher fortune on his own.[1]

Eventually, Inigo's own conscience buckled under the guilt of abandoning his only true family, and he was reunited with Alvaro and Andrea when he returned to join them and the Assassins.