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The Indian Rite of the Templar Order were a group of like-minded individuals who swore allegiance to the Templar ideals and operated throughout India.


British RajEdit

In 1860, the Templar Tjinder Dani was making plans to establish a Templar outpost in Amritsar. However, the Indian Assassins eventually heard of his plans and tasked the young Jayadeep Mir with his assassination. However, Jayadeep's attempt at strangling Dani with a garrotte while he was sleeping went awry, as he hesitated, causing the garrotte's coin to fall. Woken, the Templar engaged the Assassin in battle and both ended up falling through a window onto the street. Dani began to strangle Jayadeep as the former's guards came to help their master. Arbaaz Mir, Jayadeep's father who had accompanied his son on the mission, intervened after he saw his son's failure, killing Dani by thrusting his hidden blade into his skull.[1]

Modern timesEdit

In 1948, the Templars discovered that the spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi possessed an Apple of Eden. On 30 January 1948, the Templars assassinated Ghandi in order to recover the Apple for themselves.[2]



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