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In and Out
Technical information

Follow the money to get to the Banker, kill him and escape.


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Memory type


Full sync

Kill the Banker from a bench without being detected.


When in Rome...


Paper Trail

Historical information

Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Rome, Papal States


1 August 1503

In and Out was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Upon hearing that Cesare Borgia was attending the Banker's Pagan party at Trastevere, Ezio Auditore discarded his guard attire and entered the party. Cleverly using his sister's courtesans to blend and stay out of sight, Ezio tailed the man who carried the money chest to the Banker, whom he found out was Cesare's cousin, Juan Borgia.

With this, Ezio followed him to where Cesare and Rodrigo Borgia were waiting, however, the two quickly left after a short discussion. From there, Ezio waited on a bench and assassinated the Banker as he walked by, before quickly escaping from the party.


In and Out 1

The guards informed about Luigi's death

Two Borgia guards spoke to the disguised Ezio at the bridge close to the party, mistaking him for the guard captain he had killed.

  • Borgia Seeker: Hand me the chest, Luigi. I will bring it to the Banker.
  • Borgia Brute: You may enter.

The Brute allowed Ezio to enter, but stopped the other guards who accompanied him.

  • Guard: We can't go in?
  • Brute: You have to patrol by order of Cesare.
  • Guard: Porca puttana! (Fuck me!)

Ezio quickly distanced himself from the guard partol, and muttered something to himself.

  • Ezio: Cesare? He's here?

Another guard came running to the Brute at the entrance.

  • Guard: Luigi has been killed. We discovered his body at the Pantheon.
  • Brute: Luigi? We just let him in.

All the guards ran to find the disguised Ezio, though he changed into his robes and spoke with the courtesans.

In and Out 2

Ezio following the guards through the party

  • Ezio: Tell Claudia that the Banker is here.

With all the guards suspicious of his infiltration, Ezio followed the guard delivering the money as stealthily as possible. One of the courtesans engaged the carrier in a conversation.

  • Courtesan: Hello there.
  • Carrier: Hello.
  • Courtesan: Mind if I walk with you?
  • Carrier: Ja. (Yes.) I mean, I do not mind.
  • Courtesan: I've never been to Trastevere before. The old ruins make me nervous.
  • Carrier: I can protect you.
  • Courtesan: I bet. That is quite a chest you have there.
  • Carrier: It's not mine.
  • Courtesan: But you are holding it in those strong arms of yours.
In and Out 3

Juan Borgia dismissing the Papal guard after receiving the payment

  • Carrier: You want to touch them?
  • Courtesan: What will I tell the Priest in confession?

The guard reached Juan Borgia and handed him the money.

  • Carrier: Money for you, Banker.
  • Juan: I will take that.
    And that.

Juan took the hand of the courtesan who accompanied the chest carrier.

  • Juan: You are dismissed.
  • Carrier: Where did I put my coin purse?

Juan then spoke to the courtesan.

  • Courtesan: Onoratissima. (It's an honor.)
  • Juan: Welcome to my party. I am Juan Borgia.

A guard interrupted them.

  • Guard: Cesare is about to speak in the main room, Eccellenza (Excellence).

Juan turned to the courtesan.

  • Juan: Come.

As soon as Juan left, another courtesan distracted the guard protecting the money chest, and two others took the chest away.

  • Juan: Are you having a pleasant evening?
In and Out 8

Cesare and Rodrigo arguing

  • Courtesan: Yes, Eccellenza (Excellence). I am. There is so much to look at.
  • Juan: Oh good. I spared no expense.
  • Courtesan: I can tell.
  • Juan: The finer things in life make power so rewarding. I see an apple, I can pluck that apple. No one will stop me.
  • Courtesan: Well, it depends whose tree it is.
  • Juan: You don't seem to understand, my dear. I own all the trees.
  • Courtesan: Not mine.
  • Juan: On the contrary. I watched you steal my guard's money, I believe I've earned a free ride as repentance. In fact, I want you here all night long.
  • Courtesan: For free? I have to make money you know.
  • Juan: Do you have a sister by any chance?
  • Courtesan: No, but I have a daughter.
  • Juan: 300 florins?
  • Courtesan: 700.
  • Juan: Done! A pleasure doing business with you.
  • Cesare: Thank you all for coming. We have a long night ahead of us. What better way to celebrate my victories than to join in the brotherhood of man?
    Soon we will be here once more celebrating a united Italia and then the feasting will last for forty days and forty nights!
    Cominciamo ora!
    (Begin now!)

Rodrigo applauded from behind and spoke quietly when Cesare approached him.

  • Rodrigo: We did not agree to conquer Italia.
  • Cesare: If your brilliant Captain General says we can do it, why not rejoice and let it happen?
  • Rodrigo: You risk upsetting the delicate balance of control we have worked so hard to tighten.
  • Cesare: I appreciate all that you have done for me, but I have the army, so I am making the decisions.
    Don't look so glum, enjoy yourself.
In and Out 6

Juan's final moments

They both left the party, and Juan was left with the other guests. During this time, Ezio moved in for the kill, and assassinated Juan while sitting on one of the benches in the vicinity.

  • Juan: The things I have felt, seen and tasted. I do not regret a moment of it.
  • Ezio: A man of power must be contemptuous of delicacies.
  • Juan: But...I gave the people what they wanted.
  • Ezio: And now you pay for it. Il piacere immeritato si consuma da sé. (Pleasure unearned consumes itself.) Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace.)


Cardinal Juan Borgia the Elder, Cesare's banker, was assassinated by Ezio.


  • If Ezio avoided full synchronization and free-ran over the building from which Cesare gave his speech, he could have assassinated the Banker before he strangled the courtesan.



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