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"Iment is the Western Nome, because of its situation regarding Yamu and the lake."

Iment Nome (English: Western Nome), also known as Nome 3, was one of the nomes of Egypt. It was so named because it was the westernmost province, constituting the western flank of the Nile Delta. As such, it also encompassed Alexandria, the capital city of Egypt during the Ptolemaic dynasty, Lake Mareotis, and the lakeside town of Yamu. Away from the delta, much of the nome was otherwise a great, uninhabited desert filled with rolling dunes.

In 48 BCE, bandits favored these dunes as their territory, turning its Necropolis into a hideout and establishing another camp at the desert grove of Eremos.


  • Although historically Alexandria and Lake Mareotis fell within the territory of the Iment Nome, in Assassin's Creed: Origins, the two are treated as separate districts from the nome.