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Imagine My Surprise was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward traveled to Kingston to learn more about the Sage's location.


  • Adéwalé: Stealing a fishing schooner single handed? Damned canny, captain.
  • Edward: As is taking back my brig from this pillock. Once again, I thank you both.
  • Kidd: This billy-huff didn't last two months with your ship before he came limping back to Nassau. Took the pardon straight away.
  • Rackham: I had to, lads! That Rogers was on to me from the first.
  • Adéwalé: Hold your tongue, Rackham!
  • Kidd: So what now? Still chasing your elusive fortune?
  • Edward: Aye. And I'm close. I've heard the Sage is sailing out of Kingston on a ship called the Princess.
  • Kidd: Put your ambition to better use, Kenway. Find the Sage with US.
  • Edward: I've no stomach for you and your mystics, Mary. I want a taste of the good life. An easy life.
  • Kidd: No one honest has an easy life, Edward. And it's aching for one that causes the most pain. All right, Rackham. Back to retirement.

Edward sailed to Kingston.

  • Edward: What news Adé?
  • Adéwalé: This bahjohn works for the Royal African Company. Tell him what you told me.
  • Slaver: I haven't seen the Princess for eight weeks or more. Meaning she may soon be back.
  • Adéwalé: What else?
  • Slaver: I thought this buck belonged to the other men who was asking about the Princess this morning so I told him that-
  • Edward: What other men?
  • Slaver: Haughty sailor in plain rags. And a gent with a scar just here.
  • Edward: Where have they got to?
  • Slaver: Staying just 'round the corner, they said.
  • Adéwalé: I grow tired of chasing these fantasies of yours, Edward. As does the crew.
  • Edward: Hang in there, man. We're getting close.

Edward located Benjamin Hornigold and Woodes Rogers.

Imagine My Surprise 4

Edward tailing Hornigold and Rogers

  • Rogers: Have you alerted the men? We're short on time.
  • Hornigold: Aye, there'll be two soldiers waiting for us at the crossroads.
  • Rogers: Very good.
  • Hornigold: If you don't mind me asking, Sir. What's the meaning behind these blood samples we're taking?
  • Rogers: Torres tells me that blood is required for the Observatory to properly function.
  • Hornigold: How do you mean, sir?
  • Rogers: If one wishes to use the Observatory to, say... spy on King George, then one would require a drop of the king's blood to do so. In other words, a small sample of blood gives us access to a man's everyday life.
  • Hornigold: Does Torres mean to spy on me then? For I've just given him a sample of my blood.
  • Rogers: As have I, Captain Hornigold. As will all Templars. It is a measure of insurance.
  • Hornigold: And trust, I reckon.
  • Rogers: Yes, but fear not. Torres has shipped our samples to a Templar safehouse in Rio de Janeiro. We will not be the Observatory's first objects, I assure you.
  • Hornigold: Aye, sir. I suppose it's a small price to pay for what the Templars have given me in return.
  • Rogers: Precisely.
  • Hornigold: Governor, when you hunted pirates in Madagascar, what methods worked best?
  • Rogers: I believe it was my charisma that persuaded them. Violence and threats should always be a last resort. In Madagascar, I offered those pirates a choice... take a pardon and return to England penniless but free men, or be hanged by the neck until dead.
  • Hornigold: Just as you did in Nassau.
  • Rogers: Precisely. A pity Commodore Chamberlaine did not live to see my thorough success.
  • Hornigold: It's not like you to gloat, Rogers.
  • Rogers: We all deserve a moment, don't we?

The men met with Laureano Torres.

Imagine My Surprise 5

Hornigold detailing Sage's location

  • Rogers: Grand Master! Welcome.
  • Torres: (Good evening.) What have you learned?
  • Rogers: The Princess was taken by pirates six weeks ago. And so far as we know, the Sage Roberts was still aboard.
  • Torres: Very good. It is something, no? And what measures are we taking to recover the Princess from these pirates?
  • Rogers: Captain Hornigold has dispatched some of his best men to ensure the Sage's capture.
  • Torres: Hm. What of the Sage's present location. Do we know?
  • Rogers: Africa, your excellency.
  • Torres: Africa? By God, the winds do not favor that route.
  • Rogers: I concur, Grand Master. I should have sailed there myself. One of my slave galleys would be more than capable of making a swift journey.
  • Torres: Slave Galley? Captain, I asked you to divest yourself of that sick institution.
  • Rogers: I fail to see the difference between enslaving some men and all men. Our aim is to steer the entire course of civilization, is it not?
  • Torres: A body enslaved inspires the mind to revolt. But enslave a man's mind, and his body will follow on naturally. Efficiently.
  • Rogers: A fair point, Grand Master.
  • Torres: Eh, remind me... where in Africa are we looking?
  • Hornigold: Príncipe, Sir. A small island.
  • Rogers: We've sent two of our best men. Burgess and Cockram. Privateers with fast ships and firm hearts.
Imagine My Surprise 7

Edward confronting Hornigold

Hornigold spotted the Jackdaw anchored in the harbor and called out to Edward.

  • Hornigold: Edward Kenway! Imagine my surprise at seeing your Jackdaw anchored there. Have you heard all you came to hear? Will you now go rescue the Sage from our clutching hands?
  • Edward: A pox on you, traitor! You sold us down river!
  • Hornigold: Because I found a better path! The Templars know order. Discipline. Structure. But you never could fathom these subtleties. Goodbye, old friend! You were a soldier once! When you fought for something real. Something beyond yourself!

Edward escaped the guards and left the area.


Edward learned that Bartholomew Roberts could be found on Príncipe.