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Ignacio Cardona was an Assassin active during the Spanish Civil War. He is also an ancestor of Charlotte de la Cruz.


Early lifeEdit

Ignacio was raised just outside of Seville. As an adult, he traveled to the Americas and across Europe, wanting to do something to bring justice to the world. At some point, Ignacio became an Assassin and returned to Spain.[1]

Participating in the Spanish Civil WarEdit

When the Spanish Civil War broke out, Ignacio joined the Anarchist movement and supported Buenaventura Durruti, continuing to wear the colors of the Anarchists even after Durruti's death. In April, 1937, Ignacio accompanied a group of Spanish Republicans as they made their way to Barcelona. While still a day away from the city, the group set up camp in the wilderness in order to rest.[1]

That night, while sitting around a campfire, Ignacio's companions questioned him about whether his loyalty lied with the Assassins or with them, remarking that since Ignacio and another unidentified American individual were Assassins, it was hard to believe that their presence in the war did not serve some other agenda. However, Ignacio assured them that, although he was an Assassin, he was a Spaniard first.[1]

Shortly after, a member of their group was shot in the head by unknown assailants. Realizing that the assailants were shooting at them from the hills. Ignacio and his group ran up a hill towards them. As he pushed one of the assailants to the ground and prepared to assassinate him, Ignacio realized that the boy and the other assailants were not fascists, but Republicans as well. After Ignacio yelled at everyone to stop firing, the boy told him that they had seen the lights down the hill and had mistaken them for Nationalists, prompting Ignacio to berate them for killing one of their own.[1]

Ignacio and his cell were facing difficulties they sent a request to the British brotherhood to send at least a dozen assassins as backup. May 1937 Barcelona, Spain. Ignacio Cardona and Glaucia Acosta hide out among the war ruined buildings. They share cigarettes whilst they discuss why Glaucia cannot sleep, as it turns out she is haunted by a recent bombing raid at the northern town of Guernica. They are interrupted by a noise, at which point Glaucia lets loose several throwing knives at an unknown man in a trenchcoat. Wounded, the man runs to the rooftops with Glaucia in pursuit. She eventually catches up with the two of them coming crashing down through a broken roof. He reveals himself to be Nobby Clarke, an Assassin sent to them from London. The assassins safely returned to their hideout, the Spanish Assassins question Nobby as to why he is the only backup that was sent considering how desperate they are for help. Nobby reveals that he infamously eliminated an entire Templar branch in Tallinn the previous year, which instantly wins him the approval of the Spaniards.

Ignacio requests that the team train with Nobby on the rooftop to see his skills first hand. In the mean time he ventures out to try and find new weaponry, as their current ones are in a bad state of repair. He meets Eric Blair, an Englishman and member of Poum -a Spanish Marxist party. They discuss the way that the class system has reintegrated itself in the city, and how the only items for sale are non-weapons, despite the civil war still raging. Eric has some black market contacts though, and promises to introduce Ignacio to them. Shortly after entering a shop, gunshots ring out and Ignacio takes to the rooftops.

Meanwhile, Nobby and the Spanish Assassins continue to spar on the roof of their hideout, while discussing the split between the anarchists and communists within the community. At this point Ignacio runs past the group, insisting they all follow. They reach a fevered gun battle between anarchists and communists, with the team torn as to who to help with a mind to whom of the two would able to ultimately stop the fascists. Nobby offers an alternative, telling Ignacio that he can make everyone stop and pulls the Koh-i-Noor out of his pocket. Ignacio states that he feels it calling to him and touches the diamond. Immediately his eyes glow with a blue energy, and serpent like creatures of energy emerge from the Koh-I-Noor, encircling and wrapping themselves around everyone. With blood pouring from his eyes and nose, he finds the strength to drop the diamond and passes out. From a nearby rooftop, the Black Cross observes everything that has transpired.

At some point during the war, Ignacio met and fought alongside Albert Bolden, who had formerly operated as the Black Cross of the Templar Order.[1]


In 2017, Ignacio's descendant, Charlotte de la Cruz, relived his memories in an effort to locate the Koh-i-Noor, which was believed to have been located in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.[1]




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