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The hybrids[1] were a humanoid species directly descended from those Isu who chose to interbreed with their human workforce. As a result of this interbreeding, hybrids were born without the artifical neurotransmitters that forced humanity's subservience to their Piece of Eden-wielding Isu overlords.

The only known hybrids, whose ability to disobey the commands of the Isu led to the outbreak of war in 75,010 BCE, were Adam and Eve.[2]

Over the subsequent generations, the hybrids and their offspring were assimilated into the general human population. Consequently, the concentration of Isu DNA in their own genome became diluted with each generation. Certain bloodlines directly descended from the hybrids, however, possessed fractionally higher levels of Isu DNA in their genome—resting somewhere between the 0.0002% of normal humans, to the 5 or 6% of Sages—which allowed their scions to naturally access Eagle Vision, to more fully interact with Pieces of Eden, much like their ancestors had, and in the case of Sages meant that they would serve as a reincarnation of Aita. [3]