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Hotephres (84 or 83 BCE – unknown) was a former Greek adventurer who lived in Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy XIII, serving as an informant of Apollodorus, helping him investigate to the mysterious Order of the Ancients.


Early Life

Born in Krokodilopolis in 83 BCE, Hotephres was a skilled warrior who later become an adventurer. During one of his travels, he met Khenut, whom he fell in love with and married.[1] Togther, they had a daughter named Shadya and settled down in a villa in Euhemeria.[2]

Working for Apollodorus

Sometime prior to 48 BCE, he later worked as an informant for Apollodorus, helping him to investigate The Crocodile, a member Order of the Ancients who controlled the Faiyum Oasis. During this period of time, he would operate in Soknopaiou Nesos, away from his residence in Euhemeria.[2]

That year, he stole a ledger from a Greek magistrate that he suspected of corruption, believing that it contained information on The Crocodile's identity. However as reteliation, The Crocodile hired mercenaries in and attempt to eliminate Hotephres and recover the ledger. As they stormed his bureau, killing his dog and capturing his servant, Hotephres was able to escape capture and fled on a trader's ship to Lake Moeris. He then gave the ledger to Khenut, who hid it in their villa.[3]

Apollodorus, learning of this, sent the Medjay, Bayek, to meet Hotephres, unaware that his bureau was raided. Bayek, following the trails of the raid, was able to free Hotephres' servant in the Beached Trireme Camp, thus learning of his location.[3]

His daughter was killed by Berenike, and he went into a period of great mourning, and he assisted Bayek in his quest to hunt her down in the shared spirit of revenge.[2]