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"That is Horus, the Falcon. the Great Black One. God of the sky. The sun is his right eye and the moon is his left eye. Forever he flies across the heavens, making night and day."
Stone Circles inscription about Horus[src]

Horus was an Isu and the son of Osiris and Isis.[1]

When Osiris was murdered by his brother Set, Isis used the Ankh to revive him, but it only brought Osiris back for one night. Using the opportunity, they consummated their love that night, leading to the conception of Horus.[1]

His insignia, the Eye of Horus, was used by the Medjay as a mark of office. The Eye of Horus was later incorporated into the emblem of the Hidden Ones once the organisation was founded by Bayek of Siwa, himself a former Medjay.[2]