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A horseman

Horsemen was a term given to those who rode horses as a part of their daily life. Guards who were capable of wielding a variety of weapons and riding on horseback were a common sight through Renaissance Europe.


Horsemen were mounted on one of two varieties of horse, being either the common horse or the warhorse.

They were equipped with both short-ranged weapons such as swords or blunt weapons, and long-ranged weapons like throwing knives and crossbows. However, they did not possess long or heavy weapons.


ACB Ezio vs Horseman

Ezio fighting a horseman

When a horseman detected an Assassin on foot, they would either charge at them with their short-ranged weapon at the ready, or they would attempt to strike the Assassin with their long-ranged weapon if they tried to flee or begin freerunning.

Horsemen often held an advantage in a fight, as they could move faster, and could use their steeds to knock over enemies on the ground. However, they were vulnerable to long-ranged weapons, and could be unseated if their horses were injured while charging. Should they be unsaddled, horsemen would either challenge their enemies on the ground, or attempt to re-mount their horse.


  • A guard on foot would sometimes mount a nearby horse upon becoming hostile towards Ezio. If no free horse was available, the guard would hijack one from a passing civilian.
  • Horsemen could not be killed with the Poison Blade while on horseback, and had to be unsaddled first. If shot with a poison dart however, there was a chance that the horseman would fall off.
  • Horsemen could not be lured by thieves, attacked by mercenaries, or distracted by courtesans.
    • However, on completing the Roman Courtesans' and Thieves' guild challenges, the courtesans would be granted the ability to distract horsemen, making the guard dismount, while thieves would pull the guard from their horse and flee.
  • Certain mounted Hermeticists shared the abilities of horsemen.
  • In Colonial America, Officers and Jägers would sometimes mount horses, and use flintlock pistols to attack as well as charge the player.



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