Honour and Loyalty was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay discovered Colonel Monro was in trouble and decided to come to his friend's aid.


Idling in his captain's cabin while the Morrigan sailed in the North Atlantic, Shay came upon an unknown package on his desk. He opened it and realized it was the manuscript he had thought lost, accompanied by a sealed letter.

  • Shay: From the Colonel...

Shay read the letter.

  • Monro: Dear Master Cormac, my apologies for the brevity of this missive, but it is time we were honest with one another. You have demonstrated your loyalty and resourcefulness to the Templar cause, and this despite (and perhaps because of) your Assassin origins. The Manuscript the Assassins sought has been in my possession for some time. I reclaimed it when my men found you marooned. The Grand Master himself charged me to discover its meaning, a task I regret I have failed to complete. I leave it in your charge, Master Cormac. There is no one else I trust more. Now I leave for Fort William Henry, an ill-prepared garrison surrounded by hostile natives and the French Army. We have requested reinforcements, but I doubt they will be forthcoming. I have no illusions that our resistance will be successful. I commit my life to the British Army, and my soul to the Father of Understanding. Yours, Colonel George Monro.

Shay left his cabin and took the helm.

  • Shay: Man your post, Gist! The Colonel's in trouble.
  • Gist: How do you mean 'in trouble'?
  • Shay: He's at Fort William Henry, facing impossible odds.
  • Gist: Get off your lazy arses, lads! And man your stations! We raise anchor!
    Sorry for the early libation, Captain. But do you realize it has been a year since we met? A whole year! Change my life, you did... And for the better! You will forgive me if I have been, er, celebrating without you.
Honour And Loyalty 1

Shay sailing for Marais Rocheux

  • Shay: A whole year... Gist, I've a question for you. How long have you known of my, well, former allegiance?
  • Gist: Oh, you mean the Assassins? I knew that ages ago, Shay! I may be drunk, but I'm not blind. Or did you think I would assume you had escaped from some homicidal circus?
  • Shay: Why didn't you say anything?
  • Gist: Well, the Colonel wanted us to avoid the subject so it wouldn't, you know, influence your decision-making. You saved my life out of pure selfless instinct, and helped countless others besides. If it were up to me, I would have made you an official Templar months ago.
  • Shay: Who's it up to then? Monro mentioned a Grand Master...
  • Gist: Oh yes. The Grand Master of the Colonial Rite. You'd like him, Shay. His father was an Assassin.
  • Shay: Really... He must have a story to tell.
  • Gist: What is the news from Fort William Henry?
  • Shay: The garrison is surrounded and reinforcements are late.
  • Gist: General Montcalm has been blazing a path across the Colonies for King Louis, hasn't he?
  • Shay: I rather wish he'd stayed home with his mistress.
  • Gist: His or King Louis'?
  • Shay: Either! Though I suspect the King's is finer.
  • Gist: Indeed, Madame O'Murphy is supposed to be quite the charmer.
  • Shay: An O'Murphy is in the French King's bed? Now I know you're pulling my leg...

Shay sailed to Marais Rocheux, where he met with Jack Weeks.

Honour And Loyalty 2

Shay meeting with Weeks

  • Weeks: Shay! You are a sight for sore eyes!
  • Shay: Jack?
  • Weeks: Colonel Monro surrendered to General Montcalm. The French and their Abenaki allies took Fort Henry. Johnson was supposed to bring reinforcements here...
  • Shay: I don't see anyone else.
  • Weeks: The Abenaki are restless. They don't understand the terms of surrender and refuse to heed Montcalm. The Colonel and his men were released this morning. They're walking into an ambush...
  • Shay: Wait here, in case Johnson arrives. I'll- I'll protect the Colonel.
  • Weeks: Thank you.
  • Shay: Maybe, I can finally repay my debt to him.

Shay set out to locate Colonel Monro.

  • Shay: I hope I'm not too late!

Shay dispatched several stalkers, and eventually found Colonel Monro and his men in the midst of an attack from the Abenaki.

  • Soldiers: Take that!
    Death to our enemies!
  • Monro: Good work, men.
    Man your positions!

With the help of Shay, Monro and his troops managed to defeat their attackers.

Honour And Loyalty 4

Shay escorting Monro and his men

  • Soldier: That's the last of them.
  • Monro: Master Cormac?!
  • Shay: Sir, we must hurry. We should bring what's left of your men to the Morrigan.
  • Monro: A welcome offer, Captain Cormac. Follow me! Safe passage is ahead.
  • Shay: So if you don't mind me asking, what happened at Fort William Henry?
  • Monro: Poor planning and poorer luck, I am afraid. Montcalm was able to bombard us for days.
  • Shay: Damn frog.
  • Monro: Actually, he acted with great honor. When we sent for parlay, he returned an offer far more generous than anticipated. We kept our arms, and more importantly, our colors.
  • Shay: Only to walk into a trap.
  • Monro: I would hardly expect the French to defend us. Would you?
  • Shay: No, I wouldn't.
  • Monro: You continue to prove your loyalty to the Templars, Master Cormac. Risking your life for me...
  • Shay: We're not out of the woods yet, Colonel. As for my loyalty... Well, I do owe you, don't I? You... saved my life... gave me a second chance.
  • Monro: We have been working together for a year now. During that time you have rendered many great services. Whatever debt you imagine you have towards me is paid, wouldn't you say?
  • Shay: Perhaps...

High upon a cliff, Kesegowaase appeared, ready to attack Colonel Monro's remaining troops.

Honour And Loyalty 5

Kesegowaase ordering his men to attack

  • Kesegowaase: You live!? Attack!
  • Shay: Take cover!

The group was ambushed by Kesegowaase's men.

  • Monro: Keep together, men!
  • Shay: I'll take out as many as I can.

Colonel Monro's men proved victorious.

  • Shay: Alright, Colonel. Keep your men moving. I'll scout ahead and signal if there's trouble.
  • Monro: A sensible strategy. Very well, I will lead my men around slowly.

Shay cleared the area of snipers intending to ambush his allies, before returning to Colonel Monro.

  • Shay: Hurry! Kesegowaase will not relent.
  • Monro: Kesegowaase? You know this man, Master Cormac.
  • Shay: Aye, Colonel. He is one of Achilles' men. An Assassin... as I was.
  • Monro: So they know I am a Templar. And now this Assassin knows you live.
  • Shay: And work with Templars. I'm no fool, Colonel. The Assassins will come after me next. We're both targets now.

The group reached a narrow pass that lead to the river, where the Morrigan was docked.

  • Shay: You know that's a trap, right?
  • Monro: Indeed, Master Cormac. But we have little choice. We survived the French cannons, we will survive this.
    This way!
    Come, follow me.
    Make haste!

Shay took out the snipers as Monro and his troops ran through the pass. He followed after them and reached his ship, but found Kesegowaase and his allies to be close behind.

  • Shay: Loose the sails!
  • Gist: You heard the Captain, men! Let's get out of here! Move! Move!
  • Weeks: Shay! Mmmrrraaaaah!
Honour And Loyalty 10

Weeks speaking with Monro

Weeks threw a barrel of gunpowder overboard, which landed at the feet of Kesegowaase. Reacting quickly, Shay shot the barrel, causing it to explode and severely wound his former teacher.

  • Monro: I owe you my life, Master Cormac.
  • Shay: As do I, Colonel.
  • Monro: We have much to discuss. However, I must tend to my troops.
  • Weeks: Sir. I will accompany you to Johnson's trading post at Onaquaga.
  • Monro: Then I shall depart at once. Master Cormac, meet me there.


Shay safely escorted Colonel Monro and his men through an Abenaki ambush site, but his presence was discovered by Kesegowaase.