"I served in every battle my master has fought, yet where are my wounds?"
―Honda Tadakatsu.[src]
ACM Honda Tadakatsu

Honda Tadakatsu

Honda Tadakatsu (17 March 1548 – 3 December 1610) was a Japanese samurai, serving as one of Tokugawa Ieyasu's four generals, the "Four Guardians", along with Ii Naomasa, Sakakibara Yasumasa and Sakai Tadatsugu. A legendary warrior, it was said that despite his involvement in over one hundred battles, Tadakatsu never suffered any wounds.

When his master was approached by the Assassins with a plan for retrieving a Sword of Eden, Tadakatsu was initially opposed, preferring the battlefield over secret wars. However, he later worked with the Assassin Hattori Hanzō during their infiltration of Takeda Shingen's camp.



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