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Hetepi (c. 90s BCE – 48 BCE), also known as The Lizard, was a Second Priest of Ptah who served under the High Priest Pasherenptah in Memphis and a member of the Order of the Ancients during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Cursing Memphis

In 48 BCE, Hetepi made efforts to sabotage the reputation of Pasherenptah, eager to usurp the postion of High Priest and take it for himself. To this end, he conducted a massive fraudulent operation of "curses" to manipulate the minds of the people in the city.[1]

Hetepi contracted Tjuyu and Tjanefer to spread death and chaos in the vicinity of the Palace of Apries by dumping bodies in the river, luring the crocodiles to attack the living.[2]

Next, he kidnapped the daughter of the mummification temple's head priest, forcing him to mix salt with natron, which was used to dry out the bodies of the deceased before mummification. The mummies were later brought to a tomb beside the palace, where they would be decomposed, producing a foul smell which spread throughout the city.[3]

Sometime later, Hetepi ordered his followers to kidnap Panchrates, the brother of priestesses Taous and Tawe who served in the Temple of Ptah, forcing them into poisioning the Apis bull to further disrupt Pasherenptah's reputation.[4]


Hetepi's efforts were later thwarted by the Medjay, Bayek who, after rescuing Panchrates, discovered his identity. Despite hiding out amongst his fellow priests in the Great Temple, Bayek was able to identify Hetepi by his coughing and blue scarf, killing him and lifting Memphis from his "curses".[5]

Personality and characteristics

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  • Hetepi's mask is the representation of the Egyptian god Anubis, who is often associated with mummification and the afterlife.


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