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Hervé LeGall was a French banker living in Paris during the late 18th century, and a personal assistant to the Director of Finanace Gabriel Beaudoin during the French Revolution.

Frustrated at his superior's dishonest nature and believing himself to be be more appropriate for the office of Director, LeGall began to make Beaudoin's life miserable, courtesy of the myth of the "Red Ghost" – the departed soul of a German murderer that reportedly haunted Beaudoin's offices at the Tuileries Palace. Although the Director tried his best to ward off the evil spirit, LeGall only intensified in his efforts, and Beaudoin was eventually driven to commit suicide by shooting himself with a pistol.

Shortly after Beaudoin's death, the Assassin Arno Dorian visited the scene. Suspecting foul play, Arno began a thorough investigation, including a search of LeGall's home, where he found enough evidence to accuse the assistant of driving Beaudoin to kill himself. Arno then apprehended LeGall and turned him over to Police Minister Charles Cochon de Lapparent.


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