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Herodotos (c. 484 BCE – c. 425 BCE), also spelt Herodotus, was one of the earliest Greek historians. Often referred to as "The Father of History" in Western society, his most famous work is the Histories, a chronicle of Greece that was later divided into nine books named after the Muses.[1] Detractors, however, mocked him as "The Father of Lies" owing to his penchant for embellishment.[2]

Herodotos was born on the island of Samos, off the coast of Anatolia.[3] During the Peloponnesian War, Herodotos accompanied Kassandra on her adventures, documenting her ordeals, but this record would eventually become lost to humanity until 2018, when Layla Hassan found it.[4][5]

In 38 BCE, Herodotos' notes about Egypt were used by the priests of the Temple of Thoth in Sinai for research. However, they were later deemed to be filled with misinformation and odd anecdotes, resulting in some of his research being dismissed.[6]





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