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ACO Hepzefa


Hepzefa (unknown – 47 BCE) was a close friend of Bayek who served as the Medjay of Siwa during Bayek's absence from the village.


Medjay of Siwa

In 49 BCE, after Bayek's son Khemu was killed by the Order of the Ancients, Bayek embarked on a quest of vengeance to hunt down the organization, leading Hepzefa to take up his duties and serve as the protector of Siwa.[1] During his care, the Oracle of Amun, Medunamun, determined to unlock the secrets of the vault beneath the Temple of Amun, had his soldiers brutalize the villagers with extortion and detention. The villagers would look to Hepzefa, who tried his best to keep them safe. He later uncovered Medunamun's identity as The Heron, one of the targets that Bayek was after.[2]

A year later, Hepzefa learned of Bayek's return to Siwa and travelled to receive him. However, upon arriving at an Old Kingdom ruin, he was ambushed by soldiers of Hypatos, the former bodyguard of one of Bayek's targets, Rudjek. Hepzefa held his own against the soldiers before Bayek arrived to help him dispatch them. Reuniting with his friend after a year, Hepzefa escorted Bayek back to the village, explanining the changes that have occured since he left.[2]

Returning to Siwa, Hepzefa informed his friend of Medunamun's identity as one of his targets and invited Bayek to rest in his home.[2]


In 47 BCE, Hepzefa was killed by Flavius Metellus' men after they got into the Isu vault in Siwa. Bayek was distraught over his death, after the Order claimed the life of his son, and then his closest friend.[3]



  • Like all NPCs, Hepzefa has daily tasks: maintaining his home, cleaning the stables, chopping wood, and reading letters.
  • You can return to Hepzefa at any point in the game. In between missions, Bayek informs his friend of what he has learned of his quest.
  • If Bayek returns to Siwa before main quest The Final Weighing, Bayek & Hepzefa have a short dialogue about the targets Bayek has killed in the story mode up to that point. Following this quest, after Hepzefa's death, his house is boarded up and visiting his tomb across from Khemu's he pays his respects.