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"When I was flesh, I apprenticed with Hephaestus, the maker. The War of Unification raged. We created devastating Swords to end it, but then... killed. I created Shrouds, to heal."
―Consus, mentioning his master, Hephaestus[src]

Hephaestus was an Isu who came to be revered as the god of smithing, forgery, and, by extension, fire in Greek and Roman mythologies. He was also regarded as one of the Twelve Olympians, the major deities of the Greek pantheon.

He was known as "the maker" among the First Civilization, creating many of the Pieces of Eden and at one point trained Consus, who later used his teachings to construct Shrouds of Eden to help counteract the use of the artifacts as weapons and introduce a method to heal injured Precursors during the Human-Isu War.[1]