The Helix research analyst's diary is the personal log of the titular analyst, recorded during their work with Shay Cormac's memories in 2014.

Diary Entries

Day 1 of repairs

My Animus session triggered a virus hidden in the Shay Cormac file. I've been tasked with assisting two security contractors, Violet da Costa and Otso Berg. Violet knows her stuff, but what's Berg's story? Questions can wait, we have to work together to restore the Helix servers.

Day 2 of repairs

We still can't get at the main servers in the basement. We'll have to work floor by floor. I should help restore some computers and clean up some tablets. The sooner everything is cleaned up, the sooner life can get back to normal. Ha. What's normal?

Day 3 of repairs

Still no basement access. Fixed servers in CCO's office. Had a chat with Ms. Lemay. I feel like she's trying to tell me something about what I'm actually doing for Violet and Mr. Berg. There's more going on here than I realize. Shay is the key.

Day 4 of repairs

Finally restored basement servers. It all makes sense now. Mr. Berg protects us from the Assassins. I'm glad to have helped. Who knew that they were hiding under the skin of the world like parasites? The last couple of years working here make more sense now.

Day 5 of repairs

What a crazy week. My eyes have been opened. I've been offered a place among the Templar Order, to continue the fight against the Assassins. I feel an obligation to accept, or am I just afraid to refuse? They've given me time to think it over.