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Helix screen

Helix interface screen

Helix is a cloud-based software developed by Abstergo Entertainment.

A continuation of the Data Dump Scanner, a creation of Álvaro Gramática,[1] the Helix software allowed for accounts of various Templars and Assassins throughout history, with propaganda-based narrations delivered by Abstergo in favor of the former, delivered to the public via a games console-style format at a cheap price.[2] Using the headsets, Abstergo can also collect players' genetic data.[3]

Through Helix, a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment relived Shay Cormac's memories and fixed the damage caused by a virus hidden within Shay's memory bank.[4]

Around the same time, an individual associated with the Assassins used a game console running on the Helix software to relive the memories of Arno Dorian,[2] and Jacob and Evie Frye.[5]

Known Helix memoriesEdit

Works in progress (c.2014)Edit

In 2014, Abstergo Entertainment was working on a number of Helix programs for development:


  • The Helix menu in Assassin's Creed: Unity presents the user with twelve memories - nine of which correspond to events related to eight real-world Assassin's Creed games - although players can only access The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay.
  • The experience starring Edward is seemingly mislabeled as "Devils of the Caribbean", Abstergo's feature film, when the title of their video game adaptation of Edward's memories was "Pirates of Nightmares".
  • Abstergo Entertainment’s Helix Navigator used a Hospitalier Antivirus program, referencing the Knights Hospitalier.



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