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"My name is Helene Dufranc. I was born into a family of Assassins like yourself... but unlike you, I had no patience for the duties of the Order."
―Helene to Ezio, 1492.[src]

Helene Dufranc

Helene Dufranc was a French rogue born into a family of Assassins. She trained in the art of combat and stealth, until her disinterest and impatience with the Order's nature prompted her to seek the life of a rogue.

She first met the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze in Barcelona, where she stole his blade, making Ezio give chase. She then met with Ezio again in Zaragoza, where she tried to ambush the Cygnet. There, Ezio began to recognize her Assassin-like skills, and after a fair warning, Ezio and Helene parted ways.

Their last encounter was in Granada, where Helene warned him about the Templars' assassination attempt on Queen Isabella during King Muhammad's abdication ceremony. Intercepting the assassins before her, Ezio was able to beat Helene and prevent Isabella from being killed.

Only then did Helene formally introduce herself to Ezio, and after offering her respect to him, Helene departed.



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