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"Ah yes, I forgot. We have gambling. It is a great source of income, especially since we ensure that the Borgia guards always lose."
La Volpe, on rigged games of hazard in La Volpe Addormentata, 1500.[src]
ACB Salai Hazard game

Salaì playing Hazard

Hazard was a dice game that could be played at the inn of La Volpe Addormentata, and was a game of chance that many patrons participated in and gambled upon.


First rollEdit

Rolling the "Throw In" (7 or 11) automatically won the game. Rolling the "Throw Out" (2, 3 or 12) would result in losing the game, and the stake.

Rolling anything else would set the number as the "Chance," and would allow for a second "Chance Roll."

Chance rollEdit

ACB-La Volpe Addormentata 2

The patrons of La Volpe Addormentata gathered around a Hazard game

The Chance Roll would continue until either the "Chance" or "Main" (7) number was rolled. Rolling the Chance number automatically won the game, with a payout that changed depending on what the Chance was. Rolling the Main lost the game, and the stake.


Roll Payout
Throw In 1:2.2
Throw Out None
Chance of 4 or 10 1:3.5
Chance of 5 or 9 1:3
Chance of 6 or 8 1:2.2



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