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Ross taking Targets to big boat M2

Miss Hattie Cadwallader boarding a boat along with Starrick's henchmen

Hattie Cadwallader was a British Templar and art thief known for her excellent taste in the subject.


Sometime during the 19th century, Hattie Cadwallader worked for the Templar Grand Master Crawford Starrick, procuring and collecting artworks for him. She financed Starrick's enterprises through selling these artworks.

In 1868, Cadwallader became a target of Maxwell Roth, Starrick's associate who formed a partnership with the Assassin Jacob Frye. During this time, Cadwallader had stolen a statue from the National Gallery and hid with it in the sewers. Growing tired of Starrick's conditions, Cadwallader mistook Jacob as one of Starrick's men. The Assassin kidnapped the woman and escorted her to Roth, though what happened to her afterwards is unknown.