Hanley was the quartermaster aboard Edward Kenway's ship, the Jackdaw, following the resignation of Anne Bonny.


After the Jackdaw's return to Bristol in 1723, Edward planned to assassinate the perpetrators of an attack on his family a decade prior. Following Edward's assassination of the Templars Emmett Scott and Wilson, he met with Hanley aboard the Jackdaw.

Preparing to assassinate Matthew Hague by setting his ship, the Charlotte, alight, Edward ordered Hanley to prepare the starboard cannons in order to sink it, should his initial plan fail. Although Hanley was concerned by Edward's wounds, the captain shrugged it off.

Before sailing off to the Charlotte, Edward also told the quartermaster to prepare the stern cannons and arm the crew, informing him that a contingent of soldiers were on their way. Edward assured the worried Hanley that the situation would be resolved quickly, though this brought little comfort to the quartermaster.

As Edward was about to burn the Charlotte, Matthew's father Aubrey arrived along with First Lord of the Treasury Robert Walpole. Walpole informed the captain that the men primarily responsible for the attack on his family were already dead by his hand, and offered him and his crew pardons in exchange for Matthew's survival. Wishing the best for his family and crew, Edward accepted, allowing Hanley to start a new life.