This article is about the Moorish Assassin armorer. For other uses, see Hamid.
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Hamid al-Jasur was a Moorish armorer for the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins during the Renaissance. Much of his life was spent peacefully as a blacksmith known for his non-discriminatory practices until he lost his family in the Sack of Málaga during the Granada War.


Born during the Renaissance, Hamid al-Jasur began his life as a skilled Moorish armorer from the town of Málaga, where he lived with his wife and daughter. His peaceful life was forever destroyed when the Spanish forces of the Reconquista recaptured and sacked Málaga in the midst of the Granada War, torturing and slaughtering the Muslim population as punishment for its resistance. Among the victims of this massacre were his wife and daughter.[1]

Along and distraught, Hamid fled to Granada where he joined with the local Assassins. There, he found a sense of solace in their cause and resumed his skills as a smith to supply them armors in the campaign against the Spanish Inquisition.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Before he lost his wife and daughter in the Sack of Málaga, Hamid al-Jasur lived an ordinary life which he did not begrudge. He was a peaceful man who made a living crafting and selling armor. Notably, he never discriminated his patrons based on ethnicity or religious beliefs, treating them all equally without bias.[1]



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