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ACA Guernica

Guernica Moneo[1] is a skilled hacker and a member of Erudito[2].

During February 2017 in Hong Kong, Guernica went with Charlotte de la Cruz went to gather information from an abandoned Abstergo facility in a skyscraper with Barindra Mitra and other Assassins. While at the facility, they were attacked by a group. All the assassins died in combat but Charlotte survived.

Charlotte dives through the window, crashing to a van roof below, breaking her fall but she was injured. A would-be-Assassin with a super heated blade leaps after her, narrowly missing her and stabbing through the roof of the van to where Guernica Moneo hides below. As Charlotte fends off the rogue Assassins from within the back, Guernica drives the van off at speed. A throwing star breaks the windshield, slicing off Guernica's fingers and hitting him in the face. Then, the van crashes on its side as he loses control.

They both survive, but instead of interrogating a defeated Assassin, Charlotte elects to escape to a safe house and in turn save the wounded Guernica.

He is in fact a spy sent by the Instruments of the First Will, which was discovered when Galina Voronina found him attempting to execute Charlotte whilst her mind was trapped in the Grey.


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