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Griffin is a member of the Assassin Brotherhood active during the 21st century.

Biography Edit

Search for the Trident of EdenEdit

The First ProngEdit

In 2016, after the Brotherhood discovered that Monroe, a former employee of Abstergo on the run, had come out of hiding, Griffin was sent to investigate. Discovering that Monroe recruited a group of teenagers who discovered clues leading to a Piece of Eden while using a stolen Animus, the Assassin tried to learn what they knew and to prevent the Templars from reaching them first. Later, as an agent of Abstergo accosted Owen on the street, Griffin intervened, neutralizing him but the young teen managed to flee with the help of Monroe.[1]

Griffin's intervention didn't prevent the Templars from eventually finding the warehouse where the teenagers were reliving the memories of their ancestors and they sent a strike team which captured four of them. However, the last two, Owen and Javier, escaped thanks to the Bleeding Effect and Griffin found them back thanks to the tracking device in their stolen Abstergo bike. Griffin convinced Owen to trust him, and the teenager in turn convinced his reluctant friend to work with the Assassins. The teenagers revealed that during their time in the Animus, they discovered that a Dagger of Eden was gifted to Ulysses S. Grant who kept it until his death in his family cottage. After Griffin prompted them to use Eagle Vision to see if he was truly trustworthy and after he promised to secure the Brotherhood's help in order to prove that Owen's father was innocent of the crime he was arrested for, he brought them to his safe house.[1]

After equipping themselves and receiving a call from Gavin Banks, who revealed that the Dagger was in fact a prong of the Trident of Eden, they took a private plane to New York and from there drove to Grant's house. However, Monroe arrived there first and left with the artifact before, the stash being empty. Before they left, three helicopters filled with Templar agents arrived to the house and after Owen destroyed two of them with a grenade they escaped. Griffin subsequently scolded Owen for disobeying his order not to engage, threatening to forgo his promise of exonerating his father to the teenager if he disobeyed again. He then reminded Owen and Javier that there were still three Pieces of Eden that Abstergo desired and the Templars believed they and the other teenagers were the key to finding them. He offered them a choice to carry on, to which Javier was considering refusing, but Owen on the other hand was willing to accept Griffin's offer.[1]

The Second ProngEdit

Griffin spent the next few weeks training the two teenagers in basic combat and freerunning, though the latter had trouble understanding what it meant to hide in plain sight. Subsequently, Griffin was warned by Gavin that their Abstergo informant, Rothenburg, had tipped them that his storage unit safehouse was compromised, and ordered him to rendezvous with Rebecca Crane. Griffin scuttled the safehouse but was forced to abandon his car as the Templar strike team arrived earlier than expected. After dealing with the Templars, Griffin taught the boys how to blend in by taking a cab to their new safehouse, where they met Rebecca, who had set up an Animus for Owen. Rebecca explained to Owen that a Chinese ancestor of his encounter the second prong in 1259. Soon afterwards, she was forced to leave on a different mission.[2]

While supervising Owen's Animus session, Griffin reluctantly let Javier leave the safehouse, but the young man stole his car to break into the police warehouse where Owen's father's casefile was stored. Upon Javier's return, Griffin scolded him for risking their safehouse's location and informed him of the three Tenets of the Creed, saying he was lucky he didn't compromise the Brotherhood. Though Javier protested that he was not an Assassin, Griffin stated that sooner or later a side would have to be chosen.[2]

Once Owen was out of the Animus, having learned nothing about the second prong's location, Griffin informed him of his friend's reckless actions. Owen soon searched through the evidence, finding a spit sample that contained his father's DNA from after the robbery, Griffin stated they would first have to get access to a Helix and the Abstergo Cloud to view his father's genetic memories.[2]

Griffin then contacted Gavin for any intel from Rothenburg, only to learn that the informant had gone dark, leaving Griffin's only recourse to rescue the other teenagers from the Templars. Owen and Javier insisted on coming with him, reasoning that the others would not trust the Assassin. After equipping themselves with pain grenades and laser arrays, Griffin drove them to the Aerie, where their friends were being kept, and taught them how to avoid the security systems. Unfortunately, Griffin later got separated from the two. Deciding to clear the two boys a path, Griffin made his presence known to the Templars as a diversion. He soon met up with Javier, who had rescued Natalya and David, who had chosen to flee the Templars, but Sean and Grace chose to stay, which Griffin found unsurprising. Griffin then took the wheel of the high-tech car the teenagers had stolen, and was able to evade Abstergo helicopters thanks to the car's stealth functions. He then learned that Monroe had also staged a rescue attempt and that he and Owen were left behind.[2]

Upon returning to the safehouse, Griffin desired to vacate the place immediately, believing Owen would be interrogated with drugs or have Helix analyze his DNA. He then contacted Gavin, who informed him that Rothenburg was displeased with the raid and had nearly broken off contact before revealing that Isaiah was planning an expedition to Mongolia. With their safehouse secured for the time being and Isaiah not ready to leave for several days, Griffin asked Natalya if she would go back into the Animus to locate the second prong. Natalya agreed on the condition that he take them all to Mongolia, which she then talked over with Gavin.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Having been born into the Brotherhood, Griffin strongly believes in the Assassins' cause and the Creed, willing to die to defend an individual's free will. An experienced veteran, Griffin possessed sharp cunning in deducing that Owen and Javier had Assassin and/or Templar ancestry.[1]


  • A trained warrior and freerunner, Griffin had dark complexion and was at least a third generation member of the Brotherhood.


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