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AC3 British Brute

A British grenadier

Grenadiers were specialized units in the British and Continental armies during the American Revolutionary War. They were roughly comparable to the Italian Brutes and Byzantine Almogavars, being slower but tougher than other soldiers, and primarily wielded heavy weapons.

Grenadiers were recognizable by their narrow, tall mitre-shaped headgear, which were designed not to obstruct vision or fall off while throwing grenades. Grenadiers were selected based upon their stature and physical prowess; many grenadiers were surprisingly from farming families, rather than the depicted highland warriors, due to the strength gained through manual labor. The traits on which they were chosen were to ensure that grenadiers could throw grenades further and from higher, as well as remaining steadfast under fire, as naturally grenadiers were deployed in the front lines.


Grenadiers were tougher than Regulars, could not be directly countered or executed, and could counterattack Connor if he struck them repeatedly. However, they could have their defense broken easily and could be tripped, leaving them vulnerable to further attacks. They could also be disarmed with a weapon swipe. As their name suggests, they carried grenades, though used them occasionally.


  • British Grenadiers appeared to be modeled on the Scottish 42nd Royal Highlanders, as indicated by their kilts. In actuality, however, British grenadiers were deployed in many different regiments.
  • Historically, Grenadiers were not armed with battle axes. Such tools were deployed with sappers and pioneers. A grenadier would be armed with a musket, bayonet and hand grenades.
  • Grenadiers were noted for their stature, which could demoralize enemy troops, and boost the morale of the British troops.
  • In-game, all Grenadiers, both British and Patriot, seemingly have strong Scottish accents. Whenever one counters an attack, they usually insult the player with such statements as "You mad? Ye great stupid git!"


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