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Shay firing a shrapnel grenade

The grenade launcher was a propulsion weapon developed by Benjamin Franklin.


Commissioned by the Colonial Assassin Hope Jensen during the Seven Years' War, the prototype of grenade launcher was passed by Franklin to the Templar Shay Cormac, as he was unaware of Shay's shift in allegiance. It was capable of launching a variety of projectiles, including shrapnel grenades which exploded upon impact, sleep grenades which released vapors of sleeping gas over a large area, or berserk grenades, which caused the targets to enter a state of frenzy upon inhaling their contents.[1]

During the French Revolution, a grenade launcher of unknown origin was combined with an axehead to form the Guillotine Gun, a weapon utilized by both the Raiders and French Assassin Arno Dorian in Saint-Denis during August of 1794. Unlike the launcher constructed by Franklin, the one used by Arno only possessed the ability to fire explosive mortar shots.[2]


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