ACS Great Old Ones Caress

The Great Old One's Caress was a set of brass knuckles obtained by Jacob and Evie Frye during the nineteenth century. These brass knuckles consisted of a simple strip of metal, lined with small nubs. The weapon could be crafted by the Frye twins, after which they could use it in combat.

Weapon statistics

Attack Stun Lethality
5 4 4


  • Everything about this weapon is a nod to the Cthulhu mythos created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft. The "Great Old One" refers to any member of Lovecraft's pantheon of the "Great Old Ones", space-faring deities who once ruled Earth before falling into a near-death slumber. The knuckles are also shaped like a tentacle, a physical feature common among many of Lovecraft's characters. Lastly, the knuckles's description reads that they "were hupadgh n'gha ng n'ghft", which loosely translates from Aklo, the language of the Great Old Ones, to "were born of death and darkness".