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Alhambra in Granada, under attack

Granada is a city in southern Spain and was a location visited by the Assassin Ezio Auditore in 1492. During his time there, Granada was under Moorish control.


After having visited Barcelona and Zaragoza to thwart the Templars, Ezio and Raphael Sánchez visited Granada to further weaken their enemies. Raphael suggested killing the Templars' key commanders first to liberate the civilians in the city. After having completed his task, Ezio also assassinated a spy, which allowed him to learn of the Templars' plans to keep the war going in order to prevent Queen Isabella from funding Christopher Columbus' exploration of the New World.

Ezio then infiltrated Alhambra and managed to free King Muhammad XII. He then convinced him to surrender and abdicate, effectively ending the war. However, the Templars sent more guards into the city, trying to keep their plans from failing. Ezio managed to kill many of them, before he sought out Juan de Marillo, a high-ranked Inquisitor who worked with Tomás de Torquemada. Ezio managed to assassinate him without anyone noticing him.


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