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"Not so fast, chasqui… I'm Don Gonzalo Pardo, and there are two things I do not allow any person to touch: my drink and my horse."
―Don Gonzalo talking to Quila, upon spotting her trying to steal his horse,1536[src]

Don Gonzalo Pardo was a Spanish nobleman and member of the Assassin Brotherhood active in Peru during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire in the 16th century.


Assignment in PeruEdit

At some point Don Gonzalo was sent by the Brotherhood to infiltrate Francisco Pizarro's men, with the mission to preserve the balance of power in the area and to ultimately prevent the Spaniards from submitting the Incas. Thanks to his Assassin skills, Pardo soon became known as Pizarro's best and favorite killer. However, Don Gonzalo failed to accomplish his mission when he arrived too late to save the life of Emperor Atahualpa in 1533.

During the following years, Don Gonzalo became a large and bloated drunkard haunted by his failure who was often glimpsed, dead drunk on the roadsides, by the traveling natives. While looked upon with contempt by the Incas, most notably by a running courier named Quila, Don Gonzalo was the only Spaniard tolerated by the Incas on their lands during the rebellion of Manco Inca Yupanqui.

Working with QuilaEdit

In 1536, after she inadverdently discovered a plot to assassinate the Emperor, Quila decided to steal Gonzalo's horse to warn Manco quicker. Unfortunately, the drunkard was awake and drew his sword, threatening the girl and telling her that no one was allowed to touch either his drink or his horse. However at the same moment, the three other Chasquis from whom Quila, out of rivalry, had stolen the message unveiling the plot, caught up with her. They threw a stone at her head with a sling, enraging Don Gonzalo, who added that his third rule was that no one was allowed to touch an innocent in front of him, before stumbling and knocking himself out.

However Quila manage to hold her attackers long enough for Pardo to wake up and to take care of two couriers with one kick, with Quila strangling the last one with the Quipu. After a brief discussion, they elected to share his horse, as she hoped to pass on the conspiracy message as fast as possible to the Emperor in Cuzco. Later as they were making a stop in a tavern to drink and let the horse rest, Pardo took the Quipu detailing the plot, refusing to give it back to Quila and telling her that he was going to save the Emperor. As he was preparing to leave, Quila knocked him out from behind, but struggled to retrieve the message as it is trapped below his heavy and unconcious body. Before she could retrieve it however, a group of Conquistadors arrived. They killed the Inca inkeeper, knocked her out and captured them both and their precious message.

As they are held captive by the conquistadors near a battle site, Pardo manages to antagonise their captor, Diego de Cuervo, until a fight ensues, attracting nearby Inca warriors to their plight. They both manage to escape, but the Quipu is destroyed in the process. As they arrive at Cuzco, they part ways with Quila desperate to warn the Emperor of his peril. Later, as Quila is trying to convince her former father-in-law, an official with considerable political power who hold a grudge against her for leaving his son, Pardo bursts into the meeting, drunk. Already not believing Quila due to the lack of evidences, Ayar's father bacame enraged at the sight of Pardo, accusing Quila of conspiring with a conquistador and sentencing them both to die.


  • In Issue 6, Gonzalo presents himself as Don Gonzalo Pardo before calling himself Gonzalez in the next page and in the following issues. In issues 9 and 10 however, he's refered to as Gonzalo again.



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