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The Golem

The Golem was a giant being that roamed the city of Prague during the late 16th century.

According to the people of Prague, the giant hunted noblemen and alchemists, which instilled great fear in their hearts. One day, when a group of alchemists was escorted by guards, Elizabeth Jane Weston - the stepdaughter of the alchemist Edward Kelley - bumped into the Golem, which caused him to spare her stepfather's life. The Golem then jumped into a nearby river, and left no trace of himself behind.


  • During the memories of William Robert Woodman, Gustav Meyrink's most famous work entitled Der Golem is mentioned; a "book with a unique tale on the Golem of Prague."
  • When Elizabeth met the Golem in Prague she read the word "EMET" on its forehead. According to legend the Golem was created by a rabbi to protect the Jews from persecution, and he had animated it by writing on its forehead the word emet, אמת, Hebrew for "truth". To kill the Golem the rabbi rubbed off the first letter, to form the word met, מת, Hebrew for "dead".


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