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Technical information

Rescue Caterina's children.


Assassin's Creed II

Memory type



Holding the Fort



Historical information

Ezio Auditore da Firenze


Romagna, Lordship of Imola and Forlì



Godfather was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


The Orsi brothers, Ludovico and Checco, arrived at the citadel of Rocca di Ravaldino, where they threatened to murder Caterina Sforza's children, Bianca and Ottaviano Riario, unless "a certain map" and "a certain apple" were traded for their lives.

Stating their terms, the brothers left for the Romagna countryside. Following this, Ezio Auditore gave Caterina the Apple for safekeeping and left in search of her children, both of them being held in different parts of Romagna. Upon rescuing Bianca, Ezio was told that that her brother was being held at a lighthouse, so Ezio ventured to the guarded lighthouse, where he assassinated Ludovico and rescued Ottaviano.


Godfather 2
The Orsi brothers outside the citadel
Vatsa1708Added by Vatsa1708

The Orsi brothers called out to Caterina.

  • Checco: Caterina! Caterina Sforza! I know you're in there. I have something you may want back. Are you missing any children?

Caterina and Ezio rushed to the edge of the wall.

  • Checco: And Ezio Auditore...! What a pleasant surprise.
  • Ezio: I take it you would be the Orsi brothers.
  • Ludovico: Ludovico–
  • Checco: –And Checco.
  • Checco and Ludovico: At your service.
  • Caterina: Basta! (Enough!) Where are my children? Let them go!
  • Ludovico: Of course Signora. We'll happily give them back – for something of yours. A certain map?
  • Checco: And a certain Apple, brother.
  • Ludovico: Sì, a certain Apple indeed. Or shall I slice your babies' necks ear to ear?
Godfather 4
Ezio entrusting Caterina with the Apple
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  • Caterina: Bastardi! (Bastards!) You think you can threaten me? I'll give you NOTHING! You want my children? Take them! I have the instrument to make more!
  • Checco: When you change your mind, they'll be in the village outside the city – You have one hour.

The Orsi brothers left and Caterina turned to Ezio.

  • Ezio: Caterina, no... I can't ask you to sacrifice your children.
  • Caterina: Nobody's sacrificing anything. Go get them back for me Ezio.
  • Ezio: Sì, you have my word. The Apple needs to remain in the citadel. Keep this safe.

Ezio handed Caterina the Apple, and set off to rescue her children. A short while after, Ezio located Bianca.

  • Bianca: Is this all the men you have to hold me? Stolti. (Fools.) It wont be enough. My mamma is fierce. We Sforza women are no wilting flowers. We may look pretty to the eye, but the eyes deceive. Just ask babbo. (father.) I hope you don't imagine I'm scared of you. You'd be sorely mistaken. My mamma would never let you hurt me.

Ezio killed all of Bianca's captors and then freed her.

Godfather 5
Ezio rescuing Bianca
Vatsa1708Added by Vatsa1708
  • Bianca: Grazie! Grazie Messere! But my brother–! They are holding Ottaviano at the lighthouse.

Ezio set out to locate Ottaviano and found Ludovico holding him hostage on top of a lighthouse.

  • Ludovico: You want to see your boy walk again, Caterina? Give us what we want or I'll throw him off the edge!
  • Ottaviano: Mamma! Help me! I don't want to be here anymore.
  • Ludovico: Zitto, marmocchio. (Shut up, kid.) Let's go Caterina! Show yourself! The Apple and the map or your kid's a cripple.
  • Ottaviano: I have to pee. Please Messere. I need to go to the bathroom. Just let me go pee.
  • Ludovico: Oh, per Dio, chiudi il bocca. (For God's sake kid, shut the hell up.)

Ezio assassinated Ludovico.

Godfather 8
Ezio assassinating Ludovico
  • Ludovico: Caterina was a fool to send you.
  • Ezio: Or are you the fool, dying for a handful of change? Was it worth it?
  • Ludovico: More than you know... the Maestro gains his prize, because of me.
  • Ezio: Muori col tuo orgoglio, per quanto vale... (Die with your pride, for all it's worth...) Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace.)

Ezio freed Ottaviano.

  • Ottaviano: Grazie Signore!


Ezio assassinated Ludovico Orsi and Caterina's children were safely returned to her. However, Ludovico told the Assassin that "the Maestro gains his prize," implying that the Apple of Eden had been taken.



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