Giulia was the chambermaid of Lucrezia Borgia, and a servant of the Borgia in the late 15th century.

She had at least two brothers, one of whom was a doctor.



"Giulia has given me a list of personal improvements to woo her lady. [...] Her keen eye is astounding! I am fortunate to have her on my side."
―Perotto speaking of Giulia.[src]
In 1498, Giulia stayed with Lucrezia at the San Sisto convent, in which the latter was staying, since she was between marriages at the time.

Giulia was a long-time servant of Lucrezia's, and knew much about her, including her favorite gifts and foods, and many of her habits. She was also knowledgeable in Roman politics, and knew how each could affect her lady.

This information proved useful when she began helping Perotto Calderon, a messenger of Rodrigo Borgia, who had become infatuated with Lucrezia, and had sought Giulia's help to woo her.


Giulia with Perotto

Throughout his efforts to do so, Giulia acted as Perotto's confidant, assuring him that Lucrezia spoke fondly of him when he was not around. At one point when Perotto was invited to dine with Lucrezia, Giulia cooked several of Lucrezia's favorite foods for him, and quizzed him about them.

She also fussed over Perotto's hairstyle and clothing, as well as how he walked, insisting that he not "slink like some shady murderer."

Though unknown to Giulia at the time, Perotto was in secret a well-trained Assassin, who had been sent to spy on the Borgia. She did not seem to suspect him, but Perotto once praised her keen eye, and the observations she made that even he had missed.

At one point during her "lessons," Giulia suggested that Lucrezia could grow jealous of the time Perotto was spending with her, at which they both laughed; indicating that though they two were friends, a relationship between them was unlikely.


"Giulia asks me to talk reason to her lady, to convince her to find another mother for the child. She is right, of course, but I cannot!"
―Perotto, regarding Giulia's pleas.[src]

When Perotto and Lucrezia finally became more intimate, Giulia helped in hiding their relations. However, when Lucrezia grew pregnant with Perotto's child, this became more difficult.

Even among friends, Giulia dressed her lady in flowing gowns, in order to hide her growing belly. Though Lucrezia was convinced that she could raise her child in the safety of the convent, Giulia pleaded with Perotto to reason with her, and convince her to find another mother for the baby. However, Perotto saw the child as an unbreakable link between the two of them, and could not bring himself to oblige.

Upon the child's delivery, which was performed by Giulia's brother, they discovered that the boy was malformed, and likely to die within days. This devastated both parents, as well as finally led to the truth of their relationship being brought to light. Perotto was severely beaten as punishment, and thrown into prison.


"Giulia must not be implicated! She will remain safely in the shadows as I fight our way out and anyone who sees her must die."
―Perotto, during his escape from prison.[src]
Speed Is the Key

Giulia visiting Perotto in prison

Soon after Perotto's imprisonment, Giulia hurried to rescue him. She brought him a case of Lucrezia's grooming tools, which included several pins and files, leading Perotto to realize how much she truly knew about him.

After Perotto had picked the lock, and had killed his neighboring prisoner who had threatened to alert the guards, Giulia led him out of the dungeon. She waited for him as he stole a weapon and killed several soldiers on watch, before the two of them met up with Giulia's brother, who had brought them Perotto's son.

Perotto departed briefly, before returning with a stolen horse. So that neither Giulia nor her brother would be implicated, Perotto instructed the two of them to report the missing baby, though only after he had gotten a decent lead.

Silently vowing to repay Giulia's kindness, Perotto left them, and set off with his child for Agnadello.

Personality and characteristics

Giulia was a very observant and sensitive woman. She knew much about the politics occurring around her and the family she served, and was attentive enough to see through the guise of Perotto, though he was allegedly a master deceiver within the Assassin Order.

Though she took to babbling when under pressure, and needed to struggle to not be nauseous when Perotto was forced to kill a man to escape prison, Giulia was nonetheless determined enough to allow him to escape.

Giulia was kind to her friends, as well as something of a romantic; helping in Perotto's forbidden relationship with Lucrezia, and aiding them in saving their child.