Gilbert Fowler was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie Frye were tasked with bringing in the criminal Gilbert Fowler.


  • Fowler: Spread out! There has to be a weak spot somewhere. Find it! Then, we break in and burn everything! If the government won't help people like us to read, then no one shall read at all!

Jacob kidnapped Fowler.

  • Fowler: Oi!
    What do you think you're doing?!
    I'm busy here!
  • Jacob: Hush, Mister Fowler.
    Quiet down.
  • Fowler: What in God's name was that for?
  • Jacob: Spying on another print house, are we?
  • Fowler: Was not! All right, maybe I was. But I'm tired of everyone getting what they want, besides me. Nobody ever asked ol' Gilbert what he wanted.
  • Jacob: Save it for the sergeant, Fowler.

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Fowler: Oi!
    What do you think you're doing?!
    I'm busy here!
  • Evie: Keep quiet, Mister Fowler.
    Hush, now.
  • Fowler: Oh, let me go, will you?
  • Evie: Apologies, but the sergeant wants a word.
  • Fowler: It's about burning down print houses, I know. It was a terrible idea. I should never have done it, but I'm just so angry. I'm so angry and I want everyone to feel as angry as I do.
  • Evie: The world doesn't need more anger in it, Mister Fowler.

If Fowler shook free, he would react as follows.

  • Fowler: Ha! I'm free!
    I'm being pursued! Help!
    Yes! Freedom!
    Oi! A little help over here?

Jacob apprehended Fowler once more.

  • Fowler: Oh, come now! Please let me go!
  • Jacob: Now where were we?

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Fowler: No! Please, miss. Let me go free.
  • Evie: You were saying?

Jacob or Evie forced Fowler into a carriage.

  • Fowler: Someone get me out of here!

Jacob or Evie delivered Fowler to Abberline.

  • Abberline: Good. Thank you. One less building burnt to ashes.


Fowler was arrested.