ACUDB - The Giant Iscariotte

The Giant Iscariotte

The Giant Iscariotte was a Frenchman that lived during the French Revolution.


Toward the start of 1789, rumors of the Iscariotte spread throughout Paris, depicting him as a "brightly-colored character covered in green scales and wearing iron armor, with hair made of snakes with gaping, blood-red mouths". He operated in the Cour des Miracles district, with a large four-story building serving as his hideout. Terrorizing the district, he forced some of its denizens to pay tributes to him, killing anyone who refused.

Arno Dorian investigated the mysterious deaths surrounded by the rumor and discovered the Iscariotte, after the death of a man who refused to pay tribute to the Giant. He followed the Iscariotte's trail to the criminal's hideout, and subsequently confronted and killed him. Others would later take up the identity as the Giant from time to time to personify other political events.


  • He fought like a level five brute.